West Tennessee
FIRST LEGO League Explore

FLL Explore Updates

We had a great season!
5 teams participated at the 2024 West TN FLL Explore Festival/Expo!

Challenge Solution Award:
30047 Hazelwood Lego Red Stars

Coding Award:
30046 Hazelwood Lego Green Stars

Core Values Award:
24655 The Robotic Padawans : Green

Team Poster Award:
30048 Hazelwood Lego Purple Stars

Team Model Award:
27879 Hazelwood Lego Blue Stars

If you want us to remove your photo from our sites, please email us at fll@nobox.org.

Photos from last year were discovered during the preparation for this year’s event!

If you want us to remove your photo from our sites, please email us at fll@nobox.org.

Here is the grant application for Tennessee Valley Robotics for the 2024 season.

Please share with all teams in the Tennessee Valley Authority service area.

Hello Everyone!

NoBox has taken over as the PDO (Program Delivery Organization) for FIRST LEGO League in West TN.

We are in the process of creating a new website and moving some of this old information to the new site.

In the meantime if you have any questions please email patrick@nobox.io or patrick@no-box.org (use this one if your email provider blocks emails to .io addresses)!

We will be posting information ASAP!

Being unable to reconcile a contract dispute with FIRST, it is with much regret that we announce that the University of Memphis will no longer be the Program Delivery Partner for FIRST Lego League Challenge in the West TN Region.

The University of Memphis and the West TN STEM Hub will still assist STEM Robotics Programs (including FIRST) by continuing to provide teacher training and support for STEM Robotics and will work with the new FIRST Program Delivery Partner(s) and Organization once they are announced. 

All inquiries as to the upcoming FIRST Lego League Challenge season should be directed to Athena Damdounis adamdounis@firstinspires.org at FIRST HQ.

Daniel Kohn
University of Memphis
West TN STEM Hub Robotics Education Director
Former Partner FIRST Lego League Challenge – West TN