West Tennessee
FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Organizing Committee


FLL Partner: Responsible for high-level strategy, ensuring that all Planning Committee and key tournament leaders are cooperating and that the overall program timeline is on target. The Partner recruits the Planning Committee members, sets the goals for the region and usually manages the Championship tournament. The Partners sign an Affiliate Agreement with FLL giving them authority for the region and agreeing to meet FLL program, award, judging, refereeing and tournament standards.

Administrator: Responsible for reporting on FLL’s regional activities and needs to FIRST and LEGO, ensures that all members of the committee have the information and documents that they need, sets the schedule and documents the committee’s work.

Team Liaison: Responsible to assist and support team recruitment, for all communication with teams during the year, including periodic updates and upcoming deadlines. Posts/updates information on the website, if applicable. Assists teams with questions and problems related to registration (team and event) on a local and national level.

Volunteer Coordinator:
This individual is responsible for the onsite management of event-day volunteers, including setting up registration for volunteers, managing any walk-on volunteers, and problem-solving. They work closely with the Tournament Director and venue on all volunteer logistics, including pre-event planning and communication.

Judge Advisor for the Region: Assists in recruiting judge advisors as well as judges for each qualifying tournament and Championship, is responsible for judge training for the region and ensures that all judging in the region is performed in accordance with FLL standards.

Head Referee for the Region: Assists in recruiting head referees and referees for each qualifying tournament and Championship, is responsible for referee training for the region and ensures that the region’s Robot Game and scoring is in accordance with FLL requirements.

Marketing and Education Coordinator: Supports team recruitment, trade shows demonstrations, and coach training.

Fundraising Manager: Raises needed funds, communicates with sponsors and ensures that sponsors receive appropriate recognition. Sometimes handles VIP coordination on the day of the Championship event.

Public Relations/Media Coordinator: Promotes FIRST programs with a focus on FLL activities in the region to build program visibility, and fosters media relationships. Responsible for all press releases and other media contacts, including for qualifying tournaments. Sometimes handles VIP coordination on the day of the Championship event.

Qualifying Tournament Liaison: Communicates with all qualifying tournament organizers, ensuring that they have the tools they need, receive adequate training and are provided with the details of the region’s advancement policy and correct number of spots for advancement to the Championship.

For North American regions:
Liaison with FIRST State Operating Committee: (Usually the Operational Partner) coordinates FLL activities and communications with other FIRST activities in the area; ensures that FRC, FTC and other groups know what FLL is doing; if the FIRST Committee is fundraising for FLL, participates in coordination and communication in these efforts. Also may arrange to promote FIRST activities at the FLL tournament, including getting information together for the VIP Coordinator. May also serve as FLL liaison to the Executive Advisory Committee. These committees do not exist in every region or state.

Jr.FLL Expo Coordinator: If your region decides to host a Jr.FLL Expo and support Jr.FLL teams this person orders awards, invites/registers teams, organizes set-up and breakdown of the Expo, and coordinates other aspects of the Jr.FLL program in the region if applicable.